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Mezuzah Readers – Kabbalah?


Is there anything to Mezuzah readers that say they use Kabbalah to look back three generations and can help with current difficulties whether it be in the realm of parnassah, shiudduchim, etc. or is this fraudulent? There is a Rav here from E”Y this week whose secretary explained a little to me about the process. Worthwhile or stay away? Need advice. Thank you.



Although I cannot comment on someone that I don’t know, personally I would stay away. There are many fraudulent “kabbalist’s” around, and even if he isn’t a fraudulent person, this is not the practice of the great kabbalists. Therefore, although it is enticing, I would stick away. If you would like to read more on this topic I would suggest you read the book “Faith and Folly” by Horav Hagaon R’ Yackov Hillel, the Rosh Yeshiva of Ahavat Shalom. A person who from the greatest kabbalists in our generation and see what he has to say about such practices.

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