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Permission from neighbors to add a window


We have a machsan that is located next to another 4 machsanim belonging to the residents of the building- inside a hallway. This hallway is closed and locked by a metal door and all owners have a key to this main door. My machsan is the only one that shares a wall with a neighbor’s parking lot, outside. I have been using my machsan as an office space and wanted to make a window overlooking this parking lot. The owner of the parking lot happily agreed, we signed an agreement in case one day he wants to enclose his space, i would also close my window (in a halachik way) .But one neighbor says thiefs could come in through that window with bars into my storage room, break the door and go into THEIR storage room, and therefor oppose the construction of such a window. Do i need to ask all 4 other residents for permission to make a window? (small with bars) or do i have the right to use my machsan walls as i wish. Thank you



It is hard to say something definitive without hearing both sides, however it is hard to hear your neighbors reasoning. If someone really wants to get into the machsan, to the degree that he will saw off the bars, he can also drill thru the lock on the main door and enter his machsan.
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