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Sefardi sefer Torah Ashkenazi shul


Hello we have a Ashkenazi shul, one of our members grandfather (who is sefardi) who lives abroad is giving a sefer Torah to our kehilla. The sefer torah has Ashkenazi style lye flat eitz chaim, with sefardi writing.
The question will be is it bedieved for us Ashkenazim to use a sefer torah with sefardi style writing?
If we don’t use it much is it an embarrassed to the new sefer torah?
I don’t know yet what the feelings and emotions of the family that is giving the sefer torah are regarding it’s use.



Thank you for your question.
Your question is a bit tricky, and it will depend on what the sefer torah looks like and how the letters were written. Depending on how the sofer wrote certain letters such as the Yud, etc. it will determine if it is b’dieved according to the Ashkenazi minhag or not. Therefore the Sefer Torah has to be seen by a qualified sofer to determine this.
Best wishes


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