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Birchas Ha’mitvois


Does one need to stand to stand by brochos such as Al Netilas Ya’dayim, Elokay Neshoma, Birchas Ha’torah, Birchas Ha’shachar? Thank you.


It is preferred to stand for all of the Birkas Hashachar. The reason is because Al Netilas Yodayim and Birkas Hatorah are Birkas Hamitzvos, (the bracha we say when performing a mitzva) and the correct way to say Birkas Hamitzvos is standing. Elokai neshoma and Birkas Hashachar are Bikas Hashevach (a bracha of thanks and praise to Hashem for a certain good thing that He has bestowed upon us). Although it is not required, it is still preferable to stand when saying Birkas Hashevach.

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