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My cousin owns an apartment in Yerusholayim near where I learn the apartment is rented out to a tenant with no rights to park a car in the underground garage. I received from the owner permission to park there. I use it occasionally when I cannot find parking elsewhere. Now the Vaad has decided to charge extra for anyone from outside the building who uses the garage 100 shekels per month. Do they have a right to do so?



It is not really possible to answer a question of such nature without first hearing the other side, however here are some ideas. If the reason for the extra charge is because the vaad bayis has expenses for the upkeep of the parking lot, (electricity, a guard, cleaning it etc.) that you would have to pay.  However to simply charge you because you are not the owner of the apartment would not be correct, because the owner has the right to allow someone else to use his parking spot in his stead, the same way he may rent his apartment out to someone else.

Hatzlacha Rabba

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