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Erasing on Shabbat


Kavod haRav,
Regarding tights that have the label written on the waistband, and it stretches when worn (distorting the name of the brand), may this be worn on Shabbat or would it be considered erasing?
Thank you



It is permitted to wear, and there is no concern that it is erasing the letters of emblem. There is controversy regarding a similar question, about letters that are written on the edges of the pages of a book. Although there is controversy about it, the halacha is that it is permitted to open the book, although if one has another sefer it is preferable to use the other one. The reason it is permitted is because this is the normal use of the sefer, to open and close it, therefore it is like a door that is meant to open and close and it isn’t considered building. So too with the pages of the sefer, since the sefer is meant to open and close it isn’t considered writing and erasing, rather it’s normal mode of use. In our case regarding the letter on the tights, it is even better, because the letters are not really separated, rather pulled and stretched, therefore it is not considered erasing, and permitted.

Have a good Shabbos


M:B 340-17


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