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Maaser for couple in chinuch


Is it permissible to buy things with maaser money for a young couple with a new baby where both of them are in chinuch? I am not sure if they are paid on time by their respective yeshivos or not. Does that make a difference? Thank you.



The criteria for accepting tzedakah, is if the couple has enough money for the family’s needs, a steady source of income, or enough money in the bank or in savings for a year that they can fall back on if something were to happen to their source of income. As a side point it is quite possible that two people working in chinuch will not have enough money even for their regular needs, however this depends on the specific situation. If indeed the institution that he works for doesn’t pay him on time, then at that time he does need the money, and you can give him from your maser money.

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Y:D 253-2,4, Shevet Halevi 2-120, B’orach Tzedakah Chap. 5.

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