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Attending a business BBQ that isn’t kosher


Hello, I was invited to a small BBQ for my work on a minor fast day. Because it will not be kosher, I was not planning on eating there anyway. Can I still attend? When the date was proposed, I did not realize it was a fast day when the date was proposed. ShouldI now request a change of date? or, because I willnot be eating, is it ok? Is it okay to smell the meat? Sould I go late? Is it okay to bring a dessert for others? (Even if I think one is Jewish?) thank you




You may attend the party, as long as you don’t eat there, in fact the fact that is a fast day, makes a great excuse for you not to eat. Regarding smelling the non-kosher meat, you are not going there in order to smell the meat, therefore even you do smell it, it is not an issue.
Regarding bringing along a dessert that is also permitted, even if one of the participants are Jewish. You don’t have to be concerned that it is lifnei iver, because you are helping the Jewish person. Now at least the dessert that is eaten will be kosher!


Igros Moshe Y:D 1-72.

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