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Follow up question to “kosher transaction” from 2/6/2021


Kavod haRav,
Regarding the question “kosher transaction” and the matter with the glasses, thank you for the clarification. I wanted to mention:
1. The employee made a distinction between the two brands indicating that one brand may be discounted (indicating he had the authority to discount it) and the other brand was not permitted to be discounted – I mention this detail to indicate that it seems he was following (assumed) company policy that he had the authority to offer discounts in appropriate times. If he did not have the authority to do so, and was looking for personal gain, it perhaps would be more likely that he would have discounted both…?
2. Regarding the answer that if someone hints that he doesn’t want his employer to find out that he is giving a discount- the man said something like “brand a is not authorized to be discounted, but we are allowed to discount brand b. But keep that a secret…” In context, I interpreted what he was saying as (jokingly) saying not to mention that brand b is allowed to be discounted because perhaps other customers would not want to purchase it if it seems to not be selling as well…? Also, the transaction was purchased via credit card, so even if he receives commission, the employer would be able to see a record of what the glasses sold for…
I wanted to mention this additional information in light of the psak, and confirm it is ok to keep the glasses?
Thank you again…



  1. Very correct. That is why you don’t have to be concerned about the purchase.
  2. From what you are writing it doesn’t seem that the empolyee was trying to steal from the company, therefore there what was done is just fine.

Enjoy your new glasses


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