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Praying super slow


I found a way to daven or to say brachos with kavana. I say each word or group of words slower or super slow with pauses in between. Would the pauses in between be correct even if such a pause is longer than KDAI DIBUR?


There is no problem with pausing briefly while you are in middle of davening. No different than when you are talking to someone and you stop to think about what you are about to say. The issue of “toch kday dibbur” applies to changing what you have said, such as when changing the bracha that was mistakenly said, but not to stopping in middle of a sentence.

As a side point, it sounds like this idea will help your concentration, but I must warn you, that when growing in tefillah and all areas of spiritual growth, it must be done at a very gradual, pace. It might be advisable to do this only for a small part of the davening, one bracha of Shemona Esrei, and after a few weeks, if you can handle it, extend it to another small part of davening. Otherwise, although it will make you davening better for a little while, it might get too difficult for you to maintain, and eventually it will fall apart c”v. I once heard R’ Volbe zt”l say, growing in ruchnius is like climbing a ladder, if one tries to skip steps, they can end up falling and really hurting themselves. Therefore we have to be careful to take thing very gradually and add to our growth in small, baby steps.
Have HKB”H help you to keep on growing.

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