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Asking HaShem on Shabbos


Shalom rabbi, I have heard that I can’t ask HaShem things on Shabbos. Can one think bakashos on Shabbos? And is there is certain things that I can ask or ask in my thoughts. For ex: let’s say I’m davening for the amud and want to ask HaShem to give me hatzlacha.
Thank you


Thank you for your question.

There are a few reasons why we don’t make requests for Hashem on Shabbos. One of them is because of “mimtzo cheftzecha”, that we don’t talk about our personal weekday business. It is for this reason that many poskim permit making requests for spiritual things on Shabbos. The Mishna Berura 288-22 says that abstaining from making requests on Shabbos is in order that the we not come to be in pain on Shabbos, such as when davening for sick person or for parnassa. According to both of these reasons, it would be permitted to think the tefilla in one’s mind. It isn’t saying it, and additionally the person usual will not be in such pain when merely thinking the request. Therefore, according to most poskim it is permitted.


Vayikra Rabba 34-16, Ran Mesechtas Shabbos 113b, Seilos Yaavetz 1-64, Eshel Avrohom (Butchatch) 68-1, Shulchan Shlomo fottonote to siman 288-9.

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