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Women Covering Their Hair


I am very careful about covering all of my hair. Yet there are times that my head coverings slips back and a drop of hair sticks out. Is this a problem in reference to children and husband making Brachos? I have read that brachos, kiddush become invalid if there is even one hair sticking out. I’d like clarity on this with references. I also want to understand the practice of women shaving their heads, with sources. Thank you.



Thank you for your question.

L’chatchila, a woman should be careful that all of her hair stays covered all the time, especially when her children can see them. This is one of the reasons that some women have the custom to shave their hair, because this way it won’t get accidentally exposed. If just a little bit of your hair (less than a tefach) did get exposed, the kiddush and brachos that were said did not become invalid. Another reason why some women shave their heads is in order that their hair not be a chatzitza for the mikva. The custom in the litvisher circles is not to shave their hair.

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