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Mi sheberach for Lomdei Torah


We have a new shul which is a mix of young to middle age chariedi minded people together with older mizrachi minded people. B”H we have so far been able to make it work nicely together. Some of the chariedi minded members aren’t so into the special Mi Shebarach for the army and the medina. They oppose it because it is not their ideological believe and because they believe it make the shul a tzioni shul which makes further recruitment difficult. On the other hand they acknowledge that it is important and meaningful for the mizrachi members. One thought that I had is,
is there a wording around for a Mi Sheberach for those that learn Torah and are moiser nefesh for Torah in the army of Hashem etc.?
If there is such a misheberach around is there anything wrong with adding it in to davening?
I was thinking this may be able to show the shul values and appreciates the Lomdie Torah as we added a special Mi Sheberach for them while not taking away the Mi Sheberach from the tzioni members.



Your idea is very nice, that those who learn torah are a protection to Klal Yisroel, and we are his army, and technically the “Army that protects Yisroel”, however the understanding that is given when saying the Mi Sheberach, is that is it is for the soldiers, especially if the medina is mentioned. In truth we say a special Mi Sheberach for the lomdei hatorah- Yukom Purkon, which was instituted in the time of the gemora, to bless those who learn Torah, so there is no need to add another one.

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  1. I know of a Shul in Yerushalayim that had the exact same makeup and the Chareidi members simply put up with the Mi Shebeirach, even though they didn’t hold of it, in order to keep the Shalom. In the end, the older Mizrachi members simply moved away or died and then they went back to the traditional Tefilos.

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