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Cheating on an exam


If say a teacher did a review lesson with the class before a final exam. If a boy found a copy of the final in the trash can or in the copy machine. (Moreover , if the boy does is not certain that the paper will be the final exam, but thinks it will).Can the boy use that to study from or is that cheating ?



Thanks for your question.

I understand the urge to get the test information so you can get a better mark, but let’s first understand what is the problem with cheating? The issue is that it is fooling the teacher and the school into thinking that you indeed know the material taught, when you don’t, which is geneivas daas. An additionally problem with cheating is that if the person is hired for a job based on his diploma, and his boss thinks that he has certain knowledge, and skills when in fact he doesn’t, he is taking money from the employer when he isn’t qualified to do the job. Therefore, it is in your best interest, to take the time and study the material, without relying on the test that you found in the garbage.

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