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Personal Revelation


I first of all want to thank you for helping me though depression and finding meaning in the beautiful life HaShem gave me. Now I have a question and I want your help on that matter. Can HaShem though a personal revelation tell us if something is real or a good choice (For example can HaShem tell a person that he is a Jew in a dream or by any other way, making it possible for that person to realize the truth? Or can he show some omen that we are on a good path?



Thank you for the compliment, it is nice to see that the posts of this site are helpful to people.

Regarding your question, Hashem can definitely show a person whatever He wants, the question is if Hashem is willing to do so. In general, the way Hashem runs the world is that he remains hidden. This is because the purpose of the world is for us to use our free will to choose to service Hashem and do his commandments. If Hashem will reveal himself to everyone, his dominion would be clear, and that would take away our person’s free will, and the purpose of creation is lost. This however is only the general rule, as there are times when Hashem will decide to give a person a sign or symbol. However it will usually not be something totally evident, like a clear revelation in a dream, but only as a hint if the person is willing to see it. Indeed, there are many stories when people “asked” Hashem for a sign regarding something, and the person was indeed shown a sign. This however is not an everyday occurrence, and it really depends if Hashem decides to do so.

There is another way for you to know is you are on the correct path. Study Torah, and try to find out as much as you can about Judaism and Hashem’s will, and get yourself a teacher, a Rabbi or mentor, and seek their advice. Additionally, take a deep internal look at yourself , do some introspection, and your soul will be able to guide you.

May you merit to much divine assistance from Hashem, and have all your questions answered.

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