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Cvod Harav,
I understand that there is a concept of “Modaah” in the Halacha, where you can cancel some future actions you may do. The Ben ish Chai ZTL even has a daily מודעה to say to cancel bad thoughts. My question is Rav, does this mean that if one makes a Modaah that if he ever regrets his mitzvot it should be nullified, that he can never lose his mitzvot if he comes to regret them later CV’S
Thanks Rav!



The idea of a “modaah” like the one of the Ben Ish Chai is a form of statement that even if I mistakenly do something out of haste and without thinking, I don’t really mean it, and it was merely a spur-of-the-moment thing, but not really me. I does not mean that the bad thoughts are totally non-existent, the person did think them, however it does help. Similarly, if a person will say that if they even have a negative thought of regret for a mitzva that was done, that it isn’t his real intention, and therefore is also has an effect. Best wishes


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