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Bracha on candle and spices by Havdalah


Hi Rabbi,
At what point on Saturday night does one stop including the candle and spices in Havdalah? If one says Havdalah at 2 or 3 AM, after chatzot do they still include them?




Thank you for your question.

The reason we say the blessing on the candle on motzei Shabbos is because that was the time that candle light was created. Therefore, the blessing can be made after midnight, as long as it is still considered the nighttime, which is until daybreak (or Alos Hashachar). The same applies for the blessing on the spices, that it is made during havdalah only when it is said during the night of motzei Shabbos until daybreak.


M:B 298-3, 299-18, Piskei Teshuvos 298-1.


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