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Toveling a microwave in a hotel


If I rent a home for 2 weeks in Florida . Do I need to toivel the microwave or since the home belongs to a non-Jew and I am just borrowing the microwave, I don’t need to toivel it.(obviously I will wrap the food completely in cling wrap when I heat it up).
Would it be the same din if I stay in hotel/motel.


The main issue here is that the microwave is trief. Therefore the food should be wrapped and should also be on a kosher plate. That being the case, the food will not come in contact with the the glass plate or the walls of the microwave, and there will be no need to tovel the microwave. Additionally, your point is correct, that it is not yours, but the gentile’s and doesn’t need tevila. This would also apply to a hotel/motel.

Best wishes and enjoy your vacation


Y:D 120-8.

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