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Karet discussion in Talmud Bavli


Kavod haRav,
Regarding “intentionally” committing a sin punishable by karet, I am seeking clarification regarding the halachic definition of intentional. (I may have misunderstood, however this is part of what I am seeking clarification on…) If someone is bal teshuva, did not (consciously) know about karet, punishments meted out by Heaven, etc, and they had a premarital relationship with a girlfriend…While they “intended” to have the relationship, however they did not know about karet, punishments, etc. for doing so. My question is- is this person in the category of “forced” (anoos) (due to their being unaware) and therefore in hindsight would not be liable to karet, or would they still be liable to karet, but Yom Kippur, teshuva, and suffering (and bringing a sin offering in the time of the Temple) would G-d willing atone for the transgression? Thank you


Thank you for your question.

“Intentional” regarding karet, would be if the person understood that it is prohibited, and also understood that the mitzvos are to be taken seriously. A person that was unfortunately given an irreligious education, and was taught that these things don’t matter etc., would be in a way considered an “ones”, in a certain degree forced. By you becomeing a baal/ baalas teshuva, and changing your ways, you have done correct teshuva, and you do not have to worry about the karet aspect of the sins that were unintentionally commited before you had a proper understanding of the seriouesness of the sin.

Keep on growing, you have removed yourself from your past mistakes, and you can concentrate on moving forward, and growing even more.

Best wishes

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