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Scooter left in driveway


If someone left a small electric scooter In a parking lot subsequently a driver back in and drags it without seeing it causing it to be in the driveway of the parking lot another person enters and drives over it since it wasn’t noticeable on the ground.
Is someone obligated to pay?



Answer from Horav Y. Fleishaman shlit”a

Normally one says אין דרכן של בני אדם להתבונן בדרכים  but when one drives he does have to look. However, if it really is not able to be seen and it does not belong there then would seem the drivers aren’t liable. However I would be very surprised that this is really the case because nowadays one can see what is behind the car by looking at the screen and then you can see the ground. Therefore this isssue has to be verified well in order to decide what the halacha is.

Have a Good Shabbos

Yosef Fleischman


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