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Maser for Learning Program


Is it allowed to use maser money to join a learning program that costs?
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The general rule regarding using maser money is that it is meant to go to poor people, or to support torah learning. Additionally, maser is an obligation, therefore we don’t use maser money to fulfill personal obligations. Since every Jew has an obligation to learn as much Torah as he can, paying to join a learning program, would be considered using maser money for one’s personal obligation and maser money should not be used for this. Although you should use your own money for this, don’t worry about the expense. Torah learning is similar to Shabbos, and whatever you spend on it, will be given back to you. It is brought in numerous seforim a person’s money is calculated from “ תשר”י  to תשר”י except for  תשר”י” Meaning that a person finances for the coming year are decreed on Rosh Hashana which is during Tishrei, for the coming year, until the next Tishrei, except for Tishrei ,which is an acronym for Torah, Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh, Yom Tov. That the expenses for these mitvos are not included in “his” expenses because they are paid for by Hashem. So essentially Hashem says, “don’t worry about the expense… it’s on the house”.

So, go ahead and take the course, it’s free, and use your maaser money to get other mitzvos.

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Levush Y:D 249-1, Beitza 16a.

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