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Tehillim at night


Hi Rabbi,

I have decided to say a perek of Tehillim every night before I go to sleep and have been doing it almost every night for a few months now. I started doing it when my uncle was in the hospital, and thank g-d he’s gotten better but he’s still sick. I also say the perek because it brings me joy and connects me with Hashem. Recently I’ve read that it is not allowed to read Tehillim before chatzot, is this absolutely binding?

All the best


It is my wish that all the questions we get should be of this type!

You may continue saying the perek of Tehillim even though it is at night. There is an inyan that if one has a choice, that it is better to say Torah shebal pe during the day then at night. However, it isn’t forbidden to say Tehillim at night. Additionally, the poskim say that when it is said for a sick person that it is permitted.

See the following link that discusses a similar question

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Mey Yehuda O:CH 22, Shar Hatzion 238-1, Piskei Teshuvos 238-3. Also see Siddur Chida (Seder Limud Halaila-4) says that the minhag in E. Yisroel according to The Rashash was that Tehillim is not included in what the Arizal said. Although he does say that very pious people were careful about this also.


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