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Paying for public transportation in israel


Hi, I’d like to know if there is a chiyuv to pay for public transportation in Israel? (Since it does not cost them more if one more passenger is on the bus/train)
And if I am mechiuv to pay, and i didnt, do I need to pay them back?
And if I don’t remember how many times I did’nt pay, how much do I pay?



It is difficult for me to understand your question. If you get a service from someone you have to pay for it, otherwise it is stealing. Can you take ride on the MTA in New York with the same rationale, that my one ride doesn’t boost their costs?!
Aside from the stealing aspect if others see you boarding the bus and not paying, (and people are watching) it is a chillul Hashem.
If you already stole, you should pay it back as soon as you can. We are commanded to return stolen money, and when we have a mitzva to do it should be done as soon as possible. Additionally, a bus ride is a service and the halachos of paying a worker on time would also apply to the busses in Israel.
A person who steals and doesn’t remember how much was taken has to estimate an amount that is either equal or more than that amount that he stole, and pay that back.
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