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Mixing on Shabbos


A gutten, please can you clarify for me

When mixing an egg and mayonnaise paste:
1) Does one have to change direction with each stroke or can one do backwards and forwards a number of times and then switch direction?

2) Can one move the bowl around whilst mixing in one direction?




    1. The idea of removing the spoon between crisscrosses is only in order to avoid making circular motions, which is the normal way to mix, and considered losh. Therefore going back and forth a number of times before changing direction is fine. In order to avoid accidentally making circular motions, it is preferable to actually remove the spoon from the mixture when switching between directions.
    2. The same would apply to moving the bowl around while going in the same direction.

    Best wishes


Chazon Ish O:CH 58-6, Igros Moshe O:CH 4-74 loch 7, 10, Zera Shemuel ftnt. 568.

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