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Change Apperance


Is changing your appearance a sin in Judaism ? Example given undergo plastic surgery and second question what will happen to that person in the World to Come ? Will they be as they were born or as they were after the changes ?



The famous Chofetz Chaim says that in the world to come we will have a spiritual appearance, and this will be determined by the person’s actions while he was alive. If the person used is hands to do good deeds, and used his feet to go to good places, then he will have strong arms and feet. However, if a person uses is organs for sin, (without repenting) then those organs will look damaged, and sickely, because on a spiritual level those organs ae not well.  Therefore, aside from the fact that we are commanded by Hashem to perform the mitzvos, we try to do as many mitzvos as we can because we want to have the healthiest body we can in the world to come.

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