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Touching skin when puttting on tefillin



I understand that if someone touches a place of his body that is normally covered it is improper to daven before washing his hands.

I was wondering if this applies to when one puts on tefillin. When I tie my shel yad my fingers inevitably touch he top of my arm which is normally covered. Should one therefore wash his hands after putting them on and how would one do this in between the shel yad and rosh?




If you can, try not to touch your skin when you put on your shel yad, however if you do, you do not have to wash your hands. The reason is, since you uncover your left upper arm each morning, it is considered an place of the body that is regularly exposed, therefore even if you did touch it, you don’t have to wash your hands. It should be noted that there are poskim who were careful about this.

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