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Trusting our Feelings


Is our gut feeling anything we should trust or is it just a feeling and not for example any divine message to us ?



You are asking an interesting, but tricky question.
Our sages taught us that we have two forces or “voices” inside us. There is the evil inclination, which is our inner will to run after physical pleasures, and to do what I want. The other hand we also have a good inclination, which pushes us to do what is correct, and to come closer to spirituality. There are times when our gut feeling will really be our soul, and our deep conscience and our good inclination talking to us. However, on the other hand, we cannot just rely on our gut feeling when making decisions, because often it is from the evil inclination. For example, if a person has a sudden want to sin, or do something that the God doesn’t want us to do, we will not call that a divine message to us.
Another point, before trusting our gut feeling, we have to check out if the thing we want to do is in line with God’s will, if it isn’t, we can’t say that it is a divine message. However, there are times when a person has a certain inner feeling, that hashem is talking to us with a certain message, and that actually be a divine message to us. It is a good idea to have a spiritual adviser, someone that you can discuss these things with, who can guide you and help you work thru your feelings.
May Hashem guide you always.


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