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Free Will


Are we really free as human beings, or is our life predestined? And should we have a program/routine and do whatever we want or will we miss our true mission through those choices?


Interesting question. Here the answer.

What makes us humans different and above all animals, is that we have intellect, and we can make choices. When we walk into a store and decide to purchase kosher or non-kosher food, that is our choice. When a person is confronted with the choice of stealing something or not, that is his decision. Therefore, it is clear that us humans are free to choose between good and evil. On the other hand, there are certain aspects of life that are predestined, and given to the person according to his personal mission in life. To name a few, different people were created with different levels of intellect, different talents, and different social conditions. We are taught that each person has been given a certain job that he/she is meant to accomplish. In our times when we don’t have prophets, how are we to know what job Hashem wants us to do? The answer is that each person is to use their circumstances, their talents and the situations that they are given, and service Hashem from his angle. Additionally, Hashem gave us His torah, which gives us guidance as to what His will is. We are to study the Torah, and incorporate it into our personal lives, and together with knowing ourselves and Hashem will, this is how a person can know what his true mission in the world is.

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