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Hi. I’m a full time Avrech in Israel and I also work part time as a lawyer through an Australian office. I earn more or less the same every month. I act like an employee but for Israel purposes I am technically a contracter with my own business. I lodge tax returns every 2 months. My laptop and printer recently stopped working and I had to replace both of them. I need them for work but I also use them for personal and learning purposes.

Baruch Hashem I am able to give 20% of my salary to tzedaka each month. My question – should I deduct all or part of the cost of the laptop and printer from my monthly salary for the purpose of calculating my monthly tzedaka? The laptop and printer were quite expensive but I am not in finacial hardship Baruch Hashem. I’m not looking for a leniency, I just want to do what is right. Thank you.



Under the assumption that you would buy it because of your business needs, regardless of the fact a you also use it for personal use, you can subtract it from your business earning, as a business expense.

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