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Sholom, I was wondering why in our circles (mainstream frum community both in and outside EY) we don’t plan trips to Poland to visit the camps etc. Is it because it’s considered a Zionist thing? The Mizrachi / Dati Leumi people do it so it seems that it’s something to avoid but I’m just curious whether there are any quotes from the gedolim about this, why exactly we don’t do it.



There is nothing wrong with having trips to these places. In fact visiting the concentration camps has a profound effect on people, about life, our history, our destiny, and it helps make many people a lot more serious about what we are doing in this world. In fact, there are numerous seminaries that have such tours for the girls and it has a strong effect on them. It isn’t a place to go when you are looking for a relaxing vacation, but it is a place to go when a person wants inspiration.


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  1. I know lots of Yeshivas (including the one i went to) and other organizers who take young men and also organizations who take young women on these tours. I heard that they are very inspirational.

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