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How can I use a meat grill for fish


I have a grill I’ve been using for meat id like to grill fish on it during the 9 days what do I need to kasher/clean/change? thanx so much



You can do any of the choices that you mentioned. If you can kasher it, by burning out any meat residue the might have accumulated on the rack, that is fine. Cleaning the grill etc. is also acceptable. The reason being that although technically there is a preference to using a pareve pot for fish and not a meaty one. If one doesn’t have a one, a clean meaty pot may be used. Changing the rack etc. is also a good idea, but you don’t have to come on the it, if you can either burn it out or clean it.

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Taz Y:D 166-3, 95-3, Chochmas Adom 68-1, Tur Y:D 166-2.


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