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Cat hair that fell into food


If you accidentally eat a cat hair that falls into your food, did you eat non kosher? I found a cat hair in something I was eating and I took it out right away, but I’m nervous what if I accidentally ate a different one and don’t even know about it. (It’s from my cat, not a random occurrence) How careful do I need to be to make totally sure I never accidentally get cat hair in food? (Obviously it’s gross to eat a cat hair and I’m careful to keep the cat away when I’m eating for sanitary reasons anyway the best I can, but if it’s ALSO a kashrus thing, then obviously I’m going to be much, much, much more careful.) If it IS a kashrus thing, is it the same as eating an actual cat? (Sorry, I might be a little overly anxious about this, but I’m doing my best to obey Hashem, so I’m asking.)





Cat hair is not food and is therefore not in the category of non kosher food.

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See Avnei Nezer Even HaEzer 332


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