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Used dairy pad on pot


I washed a dairy dish with a scouring pad and then used the same scouring pad to wash a neutral boiling pot.

  1. Can I prepare meat dishes in the boiling pot or is that treif?
  2. Can I kosher the boiling pot with hot water in order to cook meat with it?
  3. If I kosher the pot with hot water do I need to mikvah it again?


  1. If I understand your question correctly, you mean to ask that you used a scouring pad, that was used for dairy on a neutral (pareve) pot, and you would like to know if that pot can now be used for meat dishes. Although we don’t use a milky scouring pad for meaty cutlery or pots, post facto, assuming that you used soap, and other factors, the pot may be used for meaty dishes. As a side point though, If you use the pot for meaty dishes, it will no longer remain neutral, but meaty.
  2. There is no need for you to kosher the pot in order to use it, for the reason explained above. However, as a general rule, while we do kasher pots from pareve to milky or meaty, we don’t kosher pots from milky to meaty, or vise versa.
  3. When a pot becomes trief, there is no need to bring it to the mikva. This is only required when a pot is purchased from a non-Jew, but not after becoming trief.

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