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Unsure if damage to other’s property


Kavod haRav,
I made a turn onto the street and to avoid a truck in the opposite direction, I made a sharp right turn. B”H I did not hit the truck, however (it happened very fast) I think that my back wheel drove over a neighbor’s belgium block trim that is a trim around their grass (the grass seems unaffected). I went back the next day to see what it looks like, and took pictures. I am not familiar with what the area looked like before that day from a very up close perspective. The blocks seemed ok, however the cement between one or two did seem to be crumbling. This could easily have been from weather damage, etc. I want to do the right thing and I would like to mention it to the neighbor. My question is: Per halacha, what liability if any would I have if I am genuinely not sure if I did any damage (it is entirely possible I did no damage). Also, if the neighbor says don’t worry about it, may I be absolved of any need to pay?
Thank you sincerely.



Thank you for your question.
While it is hard to say something definitive when you yourself are not sure what happened. The general rule is that if the other person can’t prove your quilt, and you don’t know that you are guilty, that you don’t have to pay. If you want to tall to the neighbor you can, and that might clarify things for you. If the neighbor says that you shouldn’t worry about it, do just that, and don’t worry about it, because the neighbor is mochel it, or knows that it was caused by something else.
Best wishes



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