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Wife said “I’m pretty sure the מראה is not ok”


What is the din of שווייא אנפשיה about מראות?
If she says “I’m pretty sure it’s not ok”, is it a problem?
And what about if she says “i was careful about not saying it’s not ok” and the husband says “you were not careful enough”, is it שווייא אנפשיה on the שווייא אנפשיה?




Thank you for your question.

If a wife says “I’m pretty sure that the מראה is not ok”, it is not considered שויא אנפשיה if the מראה turns out to be fine, since she did not say that she is a nidda, rather she just expressed her opinion.

In addition, there is a concept called אמתלא, a plausible explanation that explains why she said that she is a nidda. Even if a wife clearly states that she is a nidda, and then she later says that she is really not a nidda and she gives a reasonable explanation that explains why she said that she was a nidda, she is believed. Therefore, even if she said that the מראה was not ok, and later she retracts her original statement and explains, for example, that now that she sees the מראה in better light she can clearly see that the מראה is indeed ok, she is believed. Even more so when the couple brings the מראה to a Rav who pronounces the מראה to be ok, there is clearly no place to wonder if she is a niddah because she said that the מראה was not ok. The reason for this is because the Rav directly contradicted her statement and paskened that the מראה is ok!

All the best



Y:D 185:3


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