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Plenity medication


I have recently been diagnosed as morbidly obese. I am over 100 lbs overweight. My doctor has suggested I apply online for a medicine called Plenity which is a gelatin capsules that when taken with a full glass of water, gelatin beads expand in the stomach making the stomach feel full but the gelatin is not digested and is excreted whole. The idea is for the stomach to feel full, one would eat less, and not feel hungry. The issue is that the gelatin is of pork origin. Please advise.



There are two issues with the capsules, the gelatin beads inside them, and the gelatin capsule. Being that the capsule isn’t kosher, although you are taking it for medical reasons, ingesting the capsule should be done in an abnormal manner. Wrap the capsule in a thin piece of tissue and swallow it that way. The tissue will not interfere with swallowing it.
You should have a refuah shleima.


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