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Lo silbash with removing nose hair


Is it permitted for a man to get electrolysis on nose for hair growing on top of nose



It is permitted. The top of the nose is not a place that women grow nor shave hair, therefore it is not lo tilbash to get rid of those hairs. As additional reason it is permitted is because the hairs are being removed not for personal beauty rather to avoid embarrassment and therefore permitted. When it is permitted to remove hairs it is also permitted to remove it thru electrolosis.


See Rashba, and Mordechai, brought in the Darcei Moshe Y:D 162, and in the Mechaber Seif 4, that when it is being done for refuah or to illiminate an embarrassment that it isn’t considered lo tilbash and it is permitted to remove. Also see Nishmas Avrohom Y:D 162-6 regarding dying hair for someone who has a discoloration of the hair, that he brings R’ Eliyashiv in Kovetz Teshuvos 3-128, that shaving hair for a man is a takana d’rabonon, (see Bais Yosef 162-6, that this is the shita of the Rif Rambam and Rosh) and there was no takana bmakom tzar. Meaning that it is muter to remove the hair. R’ Eliyashiv zt”l also said regarding electrolysis, that  once it is permitted to remiove the hair, it doesn’t matter how it is done, because the end result is the same in the way it looks. The person that quotes R’ Eliyashiv is Hagaon R’ Mordechai Gross shlit”a in Tel Talpios. Also see Om Ani Choma – Chidosom Misha’asos 2-69 that when it isn’t something that women do, even if it is merely because they don’t grow hair over there, it is not lo tilbash. Poskim

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