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Paying cancellation fee



I agreed to rent a wedding hall on a specific date. I then asked to switch the date. The hall owner then told me that he normally charges a fee of 1000 nis for such a switch. He told me he declined other offers b/c I already committed to that date.

I do feel bad about this situation, and I do hope he doesn’t lose business b/c of this. Maybe he will find a replacement for the date we originally asked for.

Do I need to pay him? He told me I can decide what to do.



Thank you for your question.

If the hall manages to rent it out to someone else, then you don’t have to pay him, however if he doesn’t, then you do. The reason is that if he does rent it out to someone else, then you are not causing him a loss, however if he doesn’t then you caused him a loss and have to pay the charge for the change.

Best wishes


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