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Having a shower after Shkia on Shabbos


Is it Halachically permitted to have a shower in Israel where we have a Dud Shemesh after Shkia. Seeing as according to the majority of Poskim, heating water with a Dud Shemesh is only a Issur MiDerabanan because it is Toldos Chama and some including Rav Ovadia Yosef who held that it was completely Mutar even on Shabbos, would it be mutar Bein Hashmoshos to have a shower if one hasn’t been mekabel Shabbos yet (leaving aside the issues of Sechita and Memareyach)?
The Shul I regularly daven in davens Mincha before Shkia but then starts Kabbalas Shabbos (Lechu Neranono) around 20 minutes after Shkia. So it would seem that the Tzibur hasn’t been Mekabel Shabbos yet so could I have a shower even after Shkia?



Thank you for your question.

There is a mitzva d’osayso (according to some Rishonim) to add to the Shabbos, before it comes in. Thus being the case, the Mishna Berura writes that we must be mekabel Shabbos a few minutes before shkiya. Therefore, although the shul itself isn’t yet saying kabolas Shabbos, but each individual has his own obligation to be mekabel Shabbos, before sunset, which would mean that each person should preferably say that he is mekabel Shabbos on him/herself. (Thinking that one is mekabel Shabbos is also acceptable.) Therefore, technically your scenario will not be applicable because after one is mekabel Shabbos the Halachos of Bein Hashmashos largely don’t apply.

Best wishes


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