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Long Cholim List


I’ve been davening for many cholim R’L for over a year (since the start of Covid). I say close to 300 names every day. I haven’t gotten an update on any of them or even know any of them personally. It’s very possible many are not better BH or unfortunately niftar. How long should I continue to daven for them?



You are a very righteous person, on the other hand the situation as it is, is quite difficult! You can keep names on the list for 30 days, and then unless you know otherwise, you don’t have to mention them for longer than that, (unless you know that it is a sick person that will need more than that amount of time to get better). Additionally, when you say the words “btoch shar cholei Yisroel” you can have in mind all the rest of the people on your list that you didn’t mention.
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