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Multiple siyumim after chazara


I saw in a Sefer in the name of R Chaim that if you make do chazara in a consistent manner than it doesn’t count as a additional siyum, I was wondering if there are other opinions? Also which do you make a siyum on the first or second? In what regard is it not counted as a siyum.. saying Hadran? Kaddish? Siyum nine days or erect pesach?
Also do you think there is a difference between chazara once or many or a program for memory like תלמודו בידו ?
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The exact quote that you are writing is unfamiliar to me, because we are supposed to do chazara in a consistent manner, and R’ Chaim himself reviews shas every year in a consistent manner, and he makes a famous siyum every year. From what I saw in in name of R’ Chaim in Kuntris Sharei Siach- 326, that if a person learns something and reviews it a number of times, such as learning a daf a number of times or reviewing it the next day. The reason is because it is all considered part of the same learning. Therefore, regarding a siyum and saying kaddish etc. it is all considered one siyum. The first and second are the same siyum, and one kaddish hadrin etc. are said. A person that will learn a mesechta, finish it and then start again, will make a separate siyum when finishing the mesechta the second time. This idea is also brought Kovetz Halachos (Bein Hamitzarim) Chap.9 33. and Shevet Hakehosi 2-171.

Regarding the chazara programs, it depends on how it is done.

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Best wishes


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