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Ownerless items found in bomb shelter


We are cleaning out the מקלט of our building after 20 years. There are many items that have no real value, are nameless, and no one in the building wants them. May we throw them away?


Items that are valueless and are not owned by anyone living in the building may be thrown out. This is because the owner most probably doesn’t want it at all, and left it there when he moved away because he doesn’t want it. Even items that may have some value, those who used to live in the building would not want to pay rent for the space in the miklat to store his valueless item. Therefore all of those items can be thrown out, and whatever has a value to it should be written down on a piece of paper what they are, and that they were thrown out, so that just in case the owner will eventually come to claim it, he can be compensated.
For the future, it is a good idea to post a sign at the entrance to the miklat that anyone who leaves things there after they leave the building, renders the item hefker.
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