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Star of David


Where is the Star of David in Holy scripture? Was the commands were not clear enough that we should not have any image not even from stars? (You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.) should we not take the law to the heart and live it with all might? Should we not make the law the living oxygen for our need? But how do we get the Star of David? I checked everywhere in the scriptures yet I have been left with no answer of why it exists.



You are right, there is no Star of David in the scripture, because there is no Star of David. What is referred to as the “Star of David” is not really a star rather it was a symbol that David had on his shield that consisted of two triangles, going in opposite directions, which ended up looking like a star with 6 points. This is the symbol that he chose for kabalistic reasons. This symbol is really called “Magen David” the shield of David, (Hence “Magen David Adom” lit. Red Shield of David instead of the Red Cross, or Red Crescent.).

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ע’ ס’ חוקת עולם עמ’ קסה הערה צ”א וז”ל “הנה בענין הסמל מגן דוד על אף שלא מצינו מקור בתלמוד ובמדרשים מכל מקום מצינו לזה מקור כי כן כתב בספר ארץ החיים על התהילים להגאון המקובל רבי אברהם חיים הכהן פרק יח (דפוס פיעטרקוב תרצא דף טז ע”א) וזה לשונו מגינ”י כי הנה היה חילוק בין מגיני מלכי ישראל למלכות בית דוד כי למלכי ישראל היה מגן בעל שלש קצוות כזה ושל מלכות בית דוד היה של ששה קצוות.

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