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Shabbat meals


Hello. I hope you can advise. I will be spending shabbat with family. Because the fridge light will not be disconnected.

  1. Is it permissible to keep cold food in ice, knowing the ice will melt?
  2. Also, although not traditional, is peanut butter sandwich permitted as a shabbat meal when unable to prepare more?


  1. It is permitted to keep the food cold by placing into ice, knowing that he ice will naturally melt, which happens anytime we take food out of the freezer on Shabbos. The issue is only when one does an action that actively melts the ice such as by crushing it. You should just be careful to place a little bit of water on the bottom of the ice before Shabbos, because the already melted ice is muktza. This is because the ice changed from a solid to a liquid. The solution for this, is to place some water in the bowl that contains the ice, so that when it melts it goes straight in to the water and become nullified.
  2. Yes, it is permitted to eat a peanut butter sandwich for your Shabbos meal. In fact, your peanut butter sandwich is viewed in the eyes of Hashem in a very cherished way. You are honoring the Shabbos in the best way that you can under difficult circumstances. Hashem sees that you are doing the best you can in the situation, and He will reward accordingly.

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O:CH 318-16, M:B 318-105.


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