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Dairy Pyrex washed with fleishig sponge


Used fleishig sponge to wash a dairy Pyrex dish. Water was pretty warm but not hot. Is the dish ok?




The dish and the sponge are both fine.

Have a great day



It seems that the water was not yad soledes bo. Even if there was a doubt if the water was yad soledes bo, it would seemingly be allowed, as per the Oneg Yom Tov siman 81. The exception to this is if the water was “probably” yad soledes bo, as explained in the Oneg Yom Tov (ד”ה אלא שיש ליזהר).

In addition, many poskim hold that glass (Pyrex) does not absorb flavor, as per Shulchan Aruch O:CH 451:26 (and Rema who is stringent is only stringent regarding Pesach). In addition, if soap was used there is an additional reason it would be allowed (Y:D 95:4).

All the above is only necessary if both the sponge and the Pyrex dish were used for fleishig/milchig in the last 24 hours i.e. ben yomo (as brought in Y:D 95:3), or if there was meaty residue on the sponge. Otherwise, the dish would be allowed even without the above discussion.


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