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Naming baby- adding extra name or naming after two people


We are being pressured by family members to use a certain name if we have a girl. My wife dislikes the name (I don’t really like it either but I can get over it) If we add the name of a different relative as well and just use the name of the second relative is it considered naming after both of them?
If we use the first name and we add on an additional name (without anybody specific in mind) is it considered naming after the relative?
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In both of the above cases it would not be considered naming after the deceased. I once asked Rav Elyashiv if naming after a person who had two names works if the names are switched, i.e. if the deceased’s name was Avraham Yitzchok, can the baby be called Yitzchok Avraham and still be considered having being called after the deceased. Rav Elyashiv answered that it would not work.

However, if this issue is causing friction in the family, you don’t have to tell your family that it is not considered naming after the person that they would like you to name after! In fact, Rav Moshe Sherenbuch writes (chelek 1 siman 606, chelek 2 siman 501) that when a family member puts pressure on the parents to name their child after a deceased non observant relative, and it is causing friction in the family, the parents can name the child the same name as the non observant relative and really have intention to name after a tzaddik with the same name.

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