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Doubts of Rosh Hashanah without minian


Shalom Rabbi,
1 – A person who is going to spend Rosh Hashanah alone or with his family, when he is going to blow the Shofar should he make the brachah of the Shofar first or only make Bracha when he is in front of a minyan?

2 – When the person is alone on Rosh Hashanah or does not have a minyan (chaz v’shalom) can he make the 100 blows of the Shofar without a minyan or what should be done in this case?




  1. We make the bracha on the shofar even when it is not being blown in front of a minyan. It should be noted that when one is davening without a minyan on Rosh Hashana, he should not blow the shofar or daven mussaf until after three hours in the day. The reason for this is because the first three hours of the day area time of a stronger din, and we need the support and zechus of a minyan in order to daven mussaf then.
  2. A person can make all 100 blows, even if he is not with a minyan.

Have a Kesiva vchasima tova


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