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Writing on Yom Kippur


It is prohibited to write anything on the Shabbat but what about Yom Kippur ? Let’s assume that a Jewish kid is in school on Yom Kippur , can he/she write anything on his/her notebook ?



Thank you for your question.

This is not an easy situation for this kid!

In general, whatever is prohibited on Shabbos is prohibited on Yom Kippur, with the exception that we abstain from eating, drinking etc. on Yom Kippur in addition to what we abstain from doing on the Shabbat. Therefore, this kid should not write anything on school on Yom Kippur. In fact, he should not be writing on Rosh Hashana or days that are considered Yom Tov (Jewish Holidays), because most of the Shabbat laws also apply on those days. The best thing is that this child should not be going to school on this most holy day. Additionally, even if the child does manage not to write or carry anything to and from school, going to school on these days, is not in line with the atmosphere holiday atmosphere that the child should be absorbing. You might consider getting him some children’s books that explain what Yom Kippur is about. If you need any help finding such books let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

All the best



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