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Pictures of bugs in produce


Thank you so much for this service.
I was hoping to get some pictures of what bugs look like in different produce. It’s very hard to know what to look for if I don’t know how it looks. I’m not sure what an aphid really looks embedded in a piece of lettuce. Is that squiggle in the date a bug or crystallized sugars? If you have picture or know of a site that does, I’d really appreciate it!



Your question is very practical. The site used to have, pictures from the book of R’ Vaye shlit”a that had hundreds of pictures for all types of fruits and vegetables, Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have that at this time. You can purchase R’ Vaye books (3 vol.) called “Bedikas Hamazon – Laws and Practical Methods for Checking” on the topic, which has illustrative pictures for all that you are looking for.

Best wishes


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