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Jenny and Alex are engaged.
Sarah had sent Alex Jenny’s resume, but he had ignored it.
Leah had suggested that Alex attend a singles weekend, where he ended up speaking with Jenny.
After they had spoken, Chaim suggested that they continue speaking.
They started dating and Leah coached Alex through the dating, but spoke to Jenny only twice, to find out how things were going.
Sarah had never suggested Alex to Jenny, she had only suggested Jenny to Alex through sending him her resume.
Alex intends to give Leah $1000 for all her help, and $250 to Chaim for encouraging the shidduch and a little to Sarah for sending him Jenny’s resume.
Jenny wants to know to whom does she owe Shadchanos.



Thank you for your question.
According to Horav Naftoli Nussbaum shlit”a, the shadchonus should be divided as follows. From a halachic aspect, Sarah doesn’t get anything, because the suggestion that she gave didn’t help the sidduch out at all. The fact that the two spoke at the singles event doesn’t really mean anything, however Chaim’s encouraging Alex to continue, would entitle him to a third of the shadchonus. Leah, who guided and coaxed Alex through the process would be entitled to two thirds.
Regarding Jenny, she technically doesn’t owe shadchonus to anyone, because no one suggested the idea to her and no one helped her thru things. If she wants she can give something to whomever she likes, however from a halachic aspect she isn’t obligated to do so.
Mazal tov and best wishes



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